Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bentos for 10.20.08 - 10.24.08

I didn't have a chance to post these last week. I was fighting a cold or something and my husband was preparing for his new job. So... Monday there was no bento, and I had instant miso soup for lunch on Wednesday.

Here's the Bentos for last week:
Tuesday Bento
Top Tier: Homemade kimchi, sugar snap peas, halved red grapes
Bottom Tier: "Go Bulgogi" kimbap with kimchi flavored furikake
Dessert (not shown): 1 dark chocolate and 1 milk chocolate with almonds snack sized Hershey bars.
Thursday Bento
Top Tier: Whole seedless red grapes, halved sugar snap peas, chocolate graveyard (chocolate pudding with chocolate "headstones")
Bottom Tier: White rice, smoked salmon, nori tree, furikake seasoning
Dessert: Dark chocolate Hershey bar, 2 candy corn Hershey kisses
Friday Bento
Top Tier: Two large and one small onigiri with minced carrot, nori faces, smoked salmon (on the small onigiri), halved snow peas
Bottom Tier: Sliced apples tossed in lemon juice, tapioca pudding
Dessert (not shown): 2 snack sized Snickers bars
Husband's "first day of work" snack bento (Friday)
Single Tier: Six small onigiri with minced carrot and kimchi
furikake, carrot slices with flowers cut out, sugar snap peas

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