Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween foods and bentos!

First the bento boxed lunches!

Single Tier: Sticky rice, steamed purple cauliflower "trees", snow pea "grass", nori bats, and American cheese moon. Packet of instant miso soup on the side.
Snack: Apple, two candy corn Hershey's kisses, and snack sized Snickers.
Single Tier: Four homemade smoked salmon and cream cheese "sushi" rolls (more like kimbap since there's no seasoning in the rice) with nori bats and pumpkins and cut up snow peas.
Snack: Black and white halloween dango with savory sweet sauce ("Troll oysters and Goblin blood"), blueberry daifuku, Hershey's dark chocolate snack bar.

Now for the "normal" foods!

Close ups of the Halloween Dango.
("Troll oysters with Goblin blood.")
Another close-up.
Spicy Shrimp Bokkeum over glutinous rice
("Witch Finders with Enchanted Giant Carrots")
Sauted Fennel with Lotus Seeds
Baked Fresh Beets
Seedless Watermelon carved into a brain.
(First time I ever did that... I think it turned out well.)
Close up of the Halloween sushi. :-)


Bentoist said...

Hey Mankycat

Looooovvveee looovvee LOVE your halloween bento! When my hubby and I first saw it, we went, "oh WOW". I bet whoever got to eat that had lots of fun!

Suselore said...

Brain watermelon!!! OMG thats awesome

Anonymous said...

I love these!!!!!
I kinda want it to be halloween now... LOL!