Wednesday, July 8, 2009

IchibankanUSA is closed!

What horrible news for bento-ists! IchibankanUSA's online website is closed as of yesterday!

Such a nice online store with great prices that were very difficult to beat and wonderful shipping rates/times. Their SF location will still be open, but that doesn't do the rest of us much good. I'm actually a little surprised that they are closing their online store, given the extreme popularity they had. Items were consistently selling out, but perhaps that was the problem. Just as having too little business is not good, so is having too much. If you can't keep up with your customer demands, then you are not starving, but drowning.

Hopefully, they will re-open one day, but I do have to say that this makes me look at my bag of bento stuff I got from them with a wistful eye. I had quite a few items I was going to purchase from them soon.

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