Monday, January 25, 2010

Bento Meals: 1/25/10

Today was "The Biggest Loser Club's" third meeting (and my first attendance... I'm so bad). Since starting, I've lost 3 lbs without really trying. *insert evil laugh here*

Mainly, I've been writing down my meals daily on a private setting in my personal blog, eating at three to five meals a day (I tended to skip meals), not eating out, and cutting certain items out of my diet (sodas and such). Making my bento lunches have been helping me to at least eat my meals. A friend asked me why I joined the BLC given that I eat pretty darned healthy, and well... there's always room for improvement and I really did want to cut down on certain bad habits and strengthen some good ones too. Needless to say... after tracking my food, I do eat a well balanced diet! Much better than the girls who came to the meeting with just leafy salads and too much dressing... I kid you not... I couldn't believe some of the info and such that was being shared there and how none of it seemed helpful (been there, done that, got the postcards). Now on to the bentos...


1 cup unseasoned sticky rice
1/4 cup steamed carrot strands
4 stalks steamed aspargus, cut into pieces
1/4 cup tamago (sweet omlette)
1 tsp gochujan (korean red pepper paste)
sprinkling of nori pieces

Snack: (Which I didn't get around to eating... so maybe tomorrow)

3 Tbsps homemade hummus
2 celery stalks, cut into pieces
2 cheddar mini-quiche men

And as a treat...

The kimbap rolls we had for dinner last night. The leftover ingredients became my lunch for today. Yum!!!

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