Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bento Meals and Etc.: 7/3/10 - 7/7/10

I've been meaning to post for a few days now, but I've wasn't able for one reason or another. So here we go! :-)

Picnic Sushi Bentos: 7/3/10
These were made for a Fourth of July Firework event my family goes to every year with my mom, her boyfriend, and my oldest sister's family. Too bad the "red" rice looked more pink, but it was was very cute. I also didn't get a picture of the vanilla soy pudding, fruit, or other treats we took, but I think the pictures below make up for it. My nieces and mother thought they were neat and my nieces said the pieces we gave them were delicious. ;-)

The sushi rolls contain a mix of the following:
tamago (sweet omlette)
marinated shiitake
carrot strips
cucumber strips
nori stars
colored rice (red, blue, or white)

Bento Lunch: 7/6/10
My bento meal for 7/6/10 was rather simple and didn't warrant a picture. Half of it I didn't eat and repacked into my lunch for 7/7/10. What I did eat was my blueberries, grapes, and vanilla flavored soy pudding.

Bento Lunch: 7/7/10
This lunch was made of leftover items from my fridge or my previous day's bento.

Top Tier:
grilled seafood kabobs (shrimp and salmon with onions, different peppers, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms)
leftover grilled lobster tail cutlets (lobster tails curled around huge scallops)

Bottom Tier:
leftover dolmas

And Lastly...
And below is a sampling of the pancakes my husband made for my family for our Fourth of July breakfast. Nothing commemorates the rebellious actions of our fore fathers than Star Wars pancakes, right???

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