Friday, May 6, 2011

Bento Meals: 5/6/11

As my previous post mentioned, I am trying to rekindle my interest in eating by cooking foods I tended to enjoy making (and consuming) at my previous apartment.  So... without further ado...

Dinner:  Bibimbap
Poached egg
Seasoned gochujang
Aehobak Namul (recipe: Click Here)
Seasoned ground beef (leftover bland burrito meat w/ bulgogi flavoring added... turned out very well)
Seasoned and sauted veggies (separately: carrots, onions, cucumbers)
White rice 

Bento:  Bibimbap Lunch
Leftover seasoned beef
Leftover Aehobak Namul
Leftover seasoned gochujang
Shredded cabbage and carrots
White rice

Bento:  Cucumber NaengGuk Breakfast
For base cucumber naengguk recipe:  Click Here

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