Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catching Up: Another edition!

I realized last night that I had this images in a draft entry from back in January! I meant to post these but never got around to it and then completely forgot. So... I figure I might as well share, mainly because one of the bentos I was extremely proud of! :-)

My bento meals from today will be posted tonight. :-)

So first... the bento I really thought turned out uber cute!

Lunch Bento
hard boiled egg with black toasted sesame seed detailing
sugar snap peas
white rice with indian salad topping
soy sauce in fishy container

Another bento that actually turned out pretty nice, but not as cute.

Lunch Bento
kabobs (pan-fried fish balls with sauteed red onions and garlic)
daikon seasoned with rice vinegar and sugar
carrots lightly cooked with sugar, sesame oil, and sesame seeds
two types of spicy korean red pepper paste sauces

This next bento was made for my son. He was going to Grammie's for a nice visit. (I can't remember if this was a dinner and dessert bento or a dinner and breakfast one.

Son's Bento
egg fried rice (homemade, of course)
gluten free pancakes
vanilla yogurt

And as an extra... some nice pictures of a veggie soup I made around that time. It was so yummy, healthy, and pretty, I couldn't bring my self to erase the pictures from the draft entry. :-)

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