Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bento Meals: 6/17/10

Today's bento came together much faster. I believe this is due to my getting back into the swing of my bento making and because we had some leftovers from dinner that I felt I could stomach today. I used my Laptop Lunch box (okay... the blue one is technically my husband's box) and put both my snack and my lunch in it. I also packed my breakfast in my Hello Kitty Thermos container.

Lunch and Snack
shrimp Enchiladas with Tomatillo Bean Salsa
avocado half with sour cream
"hint of jalepeno" tortilla chips
yogurt with mini grape and dried fruit (apricot, cranberries)
halved seedless red grapes

unflavored soy milk
Steel cut oatmeal with:
dried fruit (apricot, cranberries)
walnut pieces
seasoning (brown sugar, vanilla extract)
a splash of unflavored soy milk (for creaminess)

I also have leftover fruit from yesterday's snack bento which I'll probably eat tonight or tomorrow morning along with any leftover fruit from today. I've been packing large bentos just in case I have a "big appetite day". I definitely don't need the strong urge to go get a snack or hit the vending machine at work.

Hopefully, I'll start packing most of my bento stuff at night and can get my bento boxes in order, to save time. I noticed today that I would find parts to my boxes but would be missing other key parts. Luckily, today the Laptop Lunch was all together and ready. Whew! I wonder if my son has been wondering off and hiding my bento box pieces in his secret treasure chests and hiding spots...

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