Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today and Fun Egg Faces from BentoLunch Blog

First, here's a link to a Egg Faces Tutorial. Shannon from BentoLunch shows how to make these without the use of nori. The picture is from her tutorial.

Second, I didn't pack a 'real' bento today, per se. I grabbed one of my bento containers and put a bunch of cantaloupe in it for a snack. My lunch is going to be a packet of ramen noodles (drained and mixed with less than half of the seasoning and maybe some toasted sesame oil). I didn't pack my lunch last night because we didn't have any leftovers from our meal and I didn't get around to prepping food. This is all probably for the best because my tummy isn't too happy today. I think the coffee (decaf) isn't settling well, given that I almost never drink coffee now and I have an extra large cup I've been working on since this morning. Ugh... (I be a glutton for punishment, me thinks.)

Tomorrow, I might not have a bento either since I have the day off of work and will be going out to lunch with my mother and nieces... and I almost never pack bentos over the weekend (though we have a small Renaissance Faire we'll be going to, so I might actually pack us some stuff to nibble or have a picnic with).


Shannon said...

Glad you liked the tutorial! Making a couple isn't bad. Making 24 to take to preschool is not the best idea in the world. ;o)

Cute bentos too! You're welcome to come link up on What's for Lunch Wednesdays if you'd like to. :o) It's over on my blog, probably still on the first page today, starts on Wednesdays, runs through Tuesday night, then another one starts again. Just pick a favorite bento of the week and add your link!

MankyCat said...

Thanks, Shannon! I was curious about the Lunch Wednesdays and might have something to submit this week! :-)