Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bento Meal: 6/28/10

This meal was made of some leftovers from my oldest's niece's visit. We had taco death dogs (mine actually had sauted mushrooms and onions instead) and we had a number of items left. I've been transitioning to pescetarianism, but decided to try one of the cheese-hotdogs that were left. I used to love them and I really love making octo-dogs, so why not start the work week with a cute Monday meal?

Top Tier:
octo-dogs made of a cheese hotdog
steamed/seasoned broccoli
white rice
furikake (nori bits on the broccoli and rice balls on the rice)

Bottom Tier:
green salad (red romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and radishes)

Side Container:
salad dressing (made of shredded colby cheese, sour cream, and mild salsa)

I will admit that I'm not used to the taste of hotdogs anymore. Very salty. The rice helped cut the saltiness. In general, I rather enjoyed this bento... though I think I'll continue avoiding any more hotdogs in favor of tofu dogs. Now to find a good gluten free tofu dog...

As for Tuesday, I didn't make a bento. I decided to scavenge instead, taking some prepackaged stuff. Monday night, I just wasn't in the mood (or mental place) to deal with making my lunch, especially since we didn't have any leftovers from dinner. I also didn't want to make it this morning, since I wanted to get to work early for various reasons.

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