Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bento Meals: 6/15/10 (and 6/14/10)

For 6/15/10:
Yay for a bento meals! (Especially ones with pictures!)

The image is a little dark, but I can't guarrantee I will be able to post a lightened version when I get home. I'm just happy to have this! (Thanks goes to my husband, who downloaded and emailed me the picture to put up here.) So....

Lunch (bottom tier): Various types of Kimbap. Kimbap is like a korean version of sushi, using unseasoned rice. There are three pieces with marinated Shiitake mushrooms, two pieces with seasoned carrots, two pieces with the mushrooms and carrots together, two pieces with the carrots-tamago-scallions, and two pieces with mushrooms-carrots-tamago-scallions. Included is a small bottle of soy sauce.

Snack (top tier): halved gluten-free buckwheat pancakes and a small side dish of syrup.

The Kimbap was delicious and filling. So filling, in fact, that I'm not sure I'll actually get around to eating the snack, but we'll see. One never knows when hunger will strike an expecting mother!

For 6/14/10
No picture was taken of yesterday's bentos. I didn't have time and they weren't anything spectacular enough to drag a camera to work in order to get pictures.

But what I had...
Lunch bento: Cheese filled raviolis (containing wheat) with basil tomato sauce.
Snack: 4 mini gluten free buckwheat pancakes with a small container of syrup and cantaloupe cut into bite-sized chunks.

Side Note
Sadly, it's very apparent to me that I need to go grocery shopping. We are getting low on various staples. On the plus side, we obviously have enough to make delicious scrounge meals like the kimbap and pancakes above! Regardless... Me thinks I shall hit the store tonight or tomorrow and get some extra stuff. Besides, I would love to have more cantaloupe... The last one was so good...

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